Książka stanowi zbiór esejów poświęconych zagadnieniom związanym z emocjami we współczesnej neuronauce, psychologii oraz filozofii. 

Book description: A collection of essays which tackles various issues at play in the current neuroscientific, psychological and philosophical research on emotions. The authors discuss such topics as the role of amygdala in the emergence of emotions, the place of the affect within the psychological construction of the agent, insights from the research on emotions in animals or the relation between emotions, rationality, morality, and law. Furthermore, various conceptual controversies underlying the empirical studies on emotions are considered.

Opis bibliograficzny: The Emotional Brain Revisited, Jacek Dębiec, Michael Heller, Bartosz Brożek, Joseph LeDoux (eds.), Copernicus Center Press, Kraków 2014

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