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John-Dylan Haynes, Free will and mind-reading


Wydział Prawa i Administracji UJ, ul. Krupnicza 22a

We invite you to the participate in the lecture entitled "On reading thoughts and free will" by Professor John-Dylan Haynes as part of the "Big Questions in Krakow" series.

We will consider the issue of free will in the context of the latest discoveries concerning the functioning of the brain. We will also ask the question how the brain codes our experiences, thoughts and plans – and whether using the neuroimaging apparatus we can break this code. This time, our guide to the deepest mysteries of the brain will be prof. John-Dylan Haynes, director of the Berlin Center for Advanced Neuroimaging. His research focuses on the mechanisms that underlie human cognitive processes such as imagination, planning and decision making. Haynes is also interested in the neuronal basis of consciousness. Haynes’s publications have been issued in the most prestigious journals and quoted several thousand times.

Big Questions in Krakow is a joint project of the Center for Copernicus for Interdisciplinary Studies of the Jagiellonian University and the City of Krakow. Its goal is to show science as an important area of ​​human culture. Together with our guests we reflect on contemporary answers to the questions that people have been asking for ages and which have repeatedly inspired the creation of many literary, musical and visual arts.

The partners of the event are: Copernicus Festival Copernicus College Science boundaries Copernicus Center Press De Revolutionibus Books & Cafe.

Media patrons of the event are: Radio Krakow TVP Krakow Science in Poland Gazeta Wyborcza Kraków.

The project in co-financed by the City of Krakow.

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