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Mateusz Hohol and colleagues’ paper in Scientific Reports

The study concerns cognitive foundations of mathematical competences.

Scientific Reports (Nature Research Group) published a paper by the Copernicus Center’s faculty members: dr. Mateusz Hohol and prof. Bartosz Brożek, and the Center’s collaborators: prof. Klaus Willmes (RWTH University, Aachen), prof. Hans-Christoph Nuerk (Tuebingen University), prof. Edward Nęcka (Jagiellonian University), and dr. Krzysztof Cipora (Loughborough University).

The paper describes their psychological study on the relationship between elementary numerical processing and mathematical competences, as well as the construct validity of so-called “approximate number system” (or “number sense”).

The paper is available in open access at the Scientific Reports website.


Hohol, M., Willmes, K., Nęcka, E., Brożek, B., Nuerk, H.-C., & Cipora, K. (2020). Professional mathematicians do not differ from others in the symbolic numerical distance and size effects, Scientific Reports, 10(11531).

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