16th KMC: The Causal Universe (2012) – Centrum Kopernika Badań Interdyscyplinarnych UJ

16th KMC: The Causal Universe (2012)

The 16th Krakow Methodological Conference took place on 17–18 May 2012.

The honorary guest of the 16th Krakow Methodological Conference was George F.R. Ellis – cosmologist, mathematician, philosopher of science, researcher of the relationship between science and religion, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Complex Systems in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, the 2004 Templeton Prize winner. During the conference Professor Ellis delivered the 2012 Copernicus Center Lecture entitled On the Nature of Cosmology Today.

The 16th Krakow Methodological Conference: The Causal Universe was a part of the research project The Limits of Scientific Explanation funded by the John Templeton Foundation and conducted by the Copernicus Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

The following talks were delivered:

George F.R. Ellis On the Nature of Causality in Complex Systems

Derek Raine Causality and Complexity

Julian Barbour Timeless Explanation: A New Kind of Causality

Michał Heller Bottom-Up Causality in a New Setting

Andrzej Sitarz Causality and Noncommutativity

Jean-Philippe Uzan Models of the Cosmos: Hypothesis, Constraints and Open Possibilities

Jerzy Lewandowski Quantizable Models of Gravity

George F.R. Ellis On the Nature of Cosmology Today

Marek Kuś The Uncertain Future and the Ambiguous Past in Classical, Quantum and General Non-signaling Settings

Mariusz Dąbrowski Varying Physical Constant Cosmologies and the Anthropic Principles

Andrzej Sołtan X-ray Background and Cosmology

William Stoeger Cosmology, Evolution, Causality and Creation: The Limits, Compatibility and Cooperation of Scientific and Philosophical Methodologies

Bogdan Dembiński The Concept of Causality in Ancient Greek Philosophy

Thomas Tracy God and the Causal Structures of Nature: Some Puzzles

Willem Drees God as Ground? Cosmology and Non-causal Conceptions of the Divine

More info can be found on the conference website.

Photos by Professor Adam Walanus may be found on the Author website.

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