Law & Mind Conference #1 (2017) – Centrum Kopernika Badań Interdyscyplinarnych UJ

Law & Mind Conference #1 (2017)

The Law & Mind Conferences are devoted to the interactions between law and cognitive sciences. The first one was held on 24–25 November 2017.


November 24

Deborah Denno The Place for Neuroscience in Criminal Law
Miha Hafner, Mojca M. Plesničar The role of neuroscience in homicide trials in Slovenia: an empirical study
Léa Teper Brain vs Justice: questions about the future of neurosciences in criminal law in Belgium
Federica Coppola The Madness of the Moral Emotions: A Novel Paradigm of Legal Insanity informed by the Neuroscience of Moral Decision-Making and Antisocial Behavior
Markus Kneer Mens Rea Ascription, Expertise and Outcome Effects: Professional Judges Surveyed
Maciej Próchnicki, Bartosz Janik Higher order theories (HoT) of consciousness and criminal law
Iwona Dudek The misinformation effect as a threat to accuracy eyewitness testimony
Piotr Bystranowski Legal decision-making: an experimental study on Polish judiciary
Thomas Grote Should we defer judicial decisions to machines?
Tomasz Guzik Neuroeconomic approach to Decision Theory – what it may change in the Theory of Law?
Szymon Osmola Legitimacy of Judicial Decision and the Identifiability Effect
Dominika Kowalska Intuition and morality-based argumentation in the law. Context of discovery or context of justification
Tomasz Zygmunt Rule-finding – applying – decision model of judicial decision making

November 25

Jaap Hage, David Roef, Antonia Waltermann The practice of agency
Christoph Bublitz A human right to mental self-determination
Michał Kamiński Why legal understanding of consciousness is different from the scientific one?
Roman Krzanowski, Kamil Trombik Ontology of Supra-Ethics. Representation of Ethical Rules in Computing Systems
Noel Struchiner Tossing around intuitions about tossing dwarves around: a study in experimental philosophy of law and the abstract and concrete paradox
Weronika Adamska On psychological functions of state of emergency
Rodrigo de Souza Tavares The Filthy Underground of Constitution Making Process
Izabela Skoczeń, Aleksander Smywiński-Pohl Knowledge and scalar implicature in a courtroom
Viktor Oliver Lorincz Age and Capacity in Continental Law and the Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex
Julia Naumowicz The roots and milestones of neurolaw – a historical sketch of a complicated relationship

Picture: Paul Cezanne The Judgement of Paris (1864)

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