Machine Ethics & Machine Law (2016) – Centrum Kopernika Badań Interdyscyplinarnych UJ

Machine Ethics & Machine Law (2016)

The conference was held 18–19 November 2016 at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University.


November 18

Roy Arkin Lethal Autonomous Robots and the Plight of the Noncombatant
Amit Pandey Contemporary Issues of the Ethical Intelligence of the Socially Intelligent Consumer Robot
Oliver Bendel The LIEBOT project
Frodo Podszwadek No Endorsement Without Error: Why Full Artificial Moral Agents Must Be Fallible
Bipin Indurkhya Is the Morality the Last Frontier for Machines?
Elizabeth Kinne Tomorrow’s Eves and Adams: What Yesterday’s Science Fiction Could Tell Us About our Future with Companion Robots
Lily Frank From Sex-Robots to Love-Robots: is mutual love with robot possible?
Mojca Plesnicar The Predicament of Decision-Making in Machines and Humans
Sean Welsh Moral Code: Programming the Ethical Robot
Roman Krzanowski Is machine ethics computable, non-computable or nonsensical? In defence of computing machines
Michał Klincewicz Challenges to engineering moral reasoners: time and context
Eva Lukasik Machine Ethics in the Context of Internet of Things Environment
Kathleen Richardson Property relations – is property a person? Extending the rights of property owners through the rights of robotic machines
Katerina Zdravkova Ethical concerns of brain-computer interfaces

November 19

Jaap Hage Under which circumstances can we hold a machine responsible for its acts?
Joanna Byrson Autonomy and the Hazards of Principle Agency in the Era of Expanding AI
Kamil Muzyka The legal outcome of recognizing and granting personhood rights to artificial intelligences and digimmortalized persons
Rafał Michalczak Criminal Liability of Autonomous Software. Critique of Gabriel Hellevy’s conception
Francisco Andrade AI and states of mind from a legal perspective: from intentional states to guilt
Błażej Sajduk Autonomous weapon systems on a post-heroic battlefields. Ethical and legal dilemmas
Mihalis Kritikos Ethical Aspects of Cyber-Physical Systems: a view from the European Parliament
Przemysław Palka Law-abiding by design. Legal status and regulations of artificial agents
Luis Moniz Pereira Machine Ethics: Evolutionary Teachings
Georgi Stojanov Machine Ethics: Theory vs Practice
Sophie Van Der Woerdt Lack of effort or lack of ability? Robot failures and human perception of agency and responsibility
Justyna Zygmunt To teach a machine a sense of art – problems with automated methods of fighting copyright infringements on the example of Youtube Contend ID

Picture: Frantisek Kupka Machine comique – Le machinisme (1928)

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