Law & Mind Conference #2 (2018) – Centrum Kopernika Badań Interdyscyplinarnych UJ

Law & Mind Conference #2 (2018)

The conference was held on 30 November and 1 December 2018 at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University.


November 30

Tehila Kogut Target dependent ethics: Discrepancies between ethical decisions toward specific and general targets
Jeffrey Rachliński Intuition, Deliberation and Professional Misjudgment
Jaap Hage Legal intuition and justification
Maurits Helmich Is Legal Philosophy a Branch of the Moral Philosophies?
Carlo Garbarino The intuitive mental content of rules
Piotr Bystranowski, Bartosz Janik, Maciej Próchnicki
Julia Wesołowska Awarding compensatory damages on the basis of affective forecasting. The law’s intuition versus the science of the mind
Ivar Hannikainen Cognitive bases of folk jurisprudence
Nathanael E.J Sumampouw Confirmation bias in police investigators working with Child Sexual Abuse cases
Tomasz Zygmunt Hunch: intuition or insight?

December 1

Tomasz Pietrzykowski
Michał Araszkiewicz The Notion of Direction of Fit in Legal Reasoning. A Generalized View
Piero Mattei-Gentili Convention, Heuristics & and Rule-Following in the Creation of Judicial Precedent
Christoph Bublitz Rights as Rationalizations? Refining Greene’s debunking argument against rights
Jan Ptaszyński Is intuition everything? Preliminary model of judicial decision-making
András Molnár What Is the “Subject” for Law and Neuroscience Research?
Gábri Angéla Neuroscience and psychology of judicial decision-making

Picture: Nicolas Poussin The Judgement of Solomon (1648)

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