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Will Science Replace Religion? (2008)

The conference was organized to honor the Templeton Prize winner, Michał Heller.

The conference was held on October 3-4, 2008 at the Auditorium Maximum in Krakow and was organized by the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science of the Jagiellonian University and the Philosophy Faculty of the Pontifical Academy of Theology (now UPJP II) to honor the Templeton prize winner, Professor Michał Heller.

Delivered lectures in chronological order (delivered in Polish):

  1. Professor Roman Duda “God thinks mathematically”.
  2. Professor Andrzej Tautman “Why science will not replace religion. Thoughts of unreligious physicist.”
  3. Professor Jerzy Lukierski “Science, religion, progress.”
  4. Professor Andrzej Satruszkiewicz “About mathematical nature of Nature”
  5. Professor Jerzy Szwed “About some similarities between philosophy, religion and physics.”
  6. Professor Michał Różyczka “Questions old as mankind.”
  7. Professor Stanisław Krajewski “Will science replace religion?”
  8. Professor Michał Heller “Homo Sapiens in the Copernican Universe”
  9. Professor Magdalena Fikus “Contemporary genetics: or playing God?”
  10. Professor Jan Kozłowski “Evolutionary roots of science and their implications”
  11. Professor Janusz Weiner “Ecology: quasi-science, mythology, religion?”
  12. Professor Zbigniew Mirek “Phenomenon of life in the light of science and faith.”
  13. Professor Jacek Urbaniec “Does Michał Heller prove the existence of God?
  14. Professor Stanisław Wszołek “Mathematical nature of the world and causality.” 50 | Copernicus Center Annual Report 2009
  15. Professor Bartosz Brożek “Ontology of rules in neurocognitive perspective.”
  16. Professor Janusz Mączka “Theology of science on Heller’s view”

The lectures delivered during the conference are available at our YouTube channel.

Conference photos (by Professor Adam Walanus)


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