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Humanities in dialogue

The development of humanities is determined by dialogue with culture (art, literature, religion) as well as with the empirical sciences (in particular with the cognitive sciences).

Project description

There are two main goals of the project. The first is a comprehensive analysis of the methodology of the humanities. The gained results will lead to a better explanation of the mechanisms of the “humanistic mind”. The second aim is to analyze how natural sciences and the humanities contribute to the creation of so-called “images of the world”.

The project “Humanities in dialogue” consists of two equivalent modules: exploratory and educational. Within the first of these, scientists (lawyers, psychologists, philosophers, historians) conduct research on, inter alia, the methodology of humanities and social sciences, the mechanisms underlying cognitive processes, and the relationship between the scientific and ordinary image of the world.
Educational activities are conducted within the two tasks: “Humanist’s Toolbox” and “Open Humanities”. As part of these tasks we prepare online courses published on the Copernicus College platform as well as short educational films, we organize open lectures, debates, and publish popular science programs.

Members of the research team

Director: prof. Bartosz Brożek

Main investigators: prof. Michał Heller, prof. Jerzy Stelmach

Investigators: prof. Wojciech Załuski, prof. Tereza Obolevitch, prof. Maciej Mikuła, dr. Piotr Dragon, dr. Marek Jakubiec, dr. Łukasz Kurek, Michał Ożóg

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