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The Limits of Scientific Explanation

The grant "The Limits of Scientific Explanation" was financed by The John Templeton Foundation.

Project description

The research goal of the project was to look at the limits of scientific explanation from different perspectives and in different domains (cosmology, cognitive science, normative sciences, theology). Limits of the scientific method were analyzed ‘from within’, i.e. how it operates in its respective applications, and ‘from outside’, i.e. from the metascientific, philosophical and theological perspectives. To do so, a unique methodology developed in the Kraków school was applied, one that combines tracing philosophical issues in science, good command of the philosophy of science and formal methods, solid knowledge of the history of science and multidisciplinary approach. This analysis was carried out in strict contact with the standard research in respective scientific disciplines.

The second goal of the project was educational. Both graduate and postgraduate courses were offered. Educational activities together with publication projects established Copernicus Center as the leading European research and teaching institution in the field of science and religion, with primary audience located in the Central and Eastern Europe.

The third goal of the project was dissemination. This includes the establishment of internet portal enriched with free material, public lectures, seminars and conferences and publication of book monographs, collections of essays and articles in peer-reviewed journals. The project resulted in enduring effects in all three areas. The fulfillment of the research goals opened up new lines of inquiry.


Project Scientific Director:
Professor Michael Heller

Physics and Cosmology Team Leader:
Professor Andrzej Woszczyna

Philosophy and Theology Team Leader:
Professor Janusz Mączka

Mind and Normativity Team Leader:
Professor Jerzy Stelmach

Project Administrative Manager:
Professor Bartosz Brożek

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